The Gratitude Experiment – Carol Look

25 May, 2010 (12:44) | EFT, Making Changes | By: Ed Anderson

Carol Look is an amazing EFT instructor from England. She has a long history of creating innovative EFT scripts and using EFT to help people get past the problems in their life.

She produces a newsletter called Attracting Abundance. In issue 146 she discussed the idea of a gratitude experiment. That is you go twenty four hours or more giving thanks for everything that has happened to you. You take the idea that everything that the universe presents you is there for your benefit. Whither it appears good or bad at the moment, it happened as either a setup for future good or adjustment to your direction, or is just a good thing you don’t realize yet. I try to maintain this belief on a daily basis but I won’t tell you that it’s not hard sometimes.

Carol supplies EFT scripts to help you clear out some of your initial reservations to this. Her scripts work well and I recommend you try these for this experiment.

I have not seen much feedback on this in later newsletters, but I don’t know how much participation she got.

In any case, do try this. It’s an attitude that I promote too. I also suggest that you sign up for her newsletters. She has a lot of insight into using EFT for problems and creating abundance.

Carol’s Newsletter 146:

Carol’s Home Page:   http://www.attracting

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The Bob Proctor Experiment: Beginning

25 April, 2010 (01:41) | Bob Proctor Experiment, Making Changes, Success | By: Ed Anderson

I recently started a project that I’m calling the Bob Proctor Experiment. The reason being that Bob Proctor made several statements in a recent video that started me on this project. Bob has recently started a membership site that he calls ‘Six Minutes to Success’. He put together several videos to explain the site that were excellent. I recommend that you see all of them.

In the videos he talked about the path he took to success. He went from very humble beginnings to making a good salary in a very short time. He credits this to the steps he took in training his subconscious in successful ideas. The method he used to get these thoughts into his subconscious was repetition. He started listening to a recording of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ daily and continued this for years. Once he started listening to the recording he started seeing life differently and recognizing opportunity where he had not before. This simple method radically changed his life. His membership site expands on this by offering inspirational videos every day. The plan being to listen to the six minute videos every morning or evening. This will implant the successful ideas in your subconscious and also change your life. It seems like a reasonable plan.

However it got me thinking. Is this idea of repeatedly playing a success classic still a valid way to make changes? My belief is that it is. So to test the idea I decided to choose a classic and live with it for an extended time. I made up my mind that I was going to play ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace Waddles continuously in my car for the rest of the year. In the mean time I will observe my life and see what opportunities present themselves.

Unlike Bob, I chose ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ over ‘Think and Grow Rich’ for several reasons. The first was a practical one. I had a recorded version of TSOGR and didn’t have one of TAGR. This reduced the start up costs. The second was more personal. I like TSOGR much better than TAGR. I like it’s emphasis on growing into wealth from where you are now. I also feel that it has a more spiritual tone and that it’s focus is more in tune with creative endeavors. This book was one of the inspirations for the movie ‘The Secret’ and explains the movie’s ideas much better. TAGR always felt more focused on goal attainment and pushed a multitude of success rules. I wanted to try a softer direction.

I have now been listening to the recording for two months. I have to report that one major positive thing and many small ones have happened to me. My cell phone company went crazy and basically dumped me. Another company came in and offered me a plan that was remarkably better with an incredible phone for free. Small events seem to happen in my favor more often. I am becoming more positive that my goals will be reached.

So, good things are happening so far. I’ll keep you updated on my progress in doing things in the ‘certain way’ promoted by TSOGR.

NOTE: This experiment is named after Bob Proctor as a tribute to his many years of work and efforts mentoring to millions of success seekers. He has been a leader in the personal development field for years. Bob was a pivotal speaker in the movie The Secret. He does not endorse this experiment or stand behind it in any way. I am not an affiliate for any of his products. I do recommend you listen to his videos and recordings. It will be worth your time.

Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes To Success

Rebecca Fine’s Work on The Science Of Getting Rich

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Thoughts on Success: Will Smith

28 March, 2010 (13:56) | Heros, Success | By: Ed Anderson

Will Smith has had a life of incredible success.  He has pursued a dream that many have but few achieve.  His long string of roles in movies has defined box office success.   In a Hollywood world of craziness and shattered lives Will has maintained a long term marriage and solid family.  He found his dream and kept the things that make life worthwhile.  There is much to admire and model in this man’s life.  This is a series of clips from interviews where Will talks about the ideas that got him here.  This is advice that anyone who follows a dream can use.  Listen and learn.