The Gratitude Experiment – Carol Look

25 May, 2010 (12:44) | EFT, Making Changes | By: Ed Anderson

Carol Look is an amazing EFT instructor from England. She has a long history of creating innovative EFT scripts and using EFT to help people get past the problems in their life.

She produces a newsletter called Attracting Abundance. In issue 146 she discussed the idea of a gratitude experiment. That is you go twenty four hours or more giving thanks for everything that has happened to you. You take the idea that everything that the universe presents you is there for your benefit. Whither it appears good or bad at the moment, it happened as either a setup for future good or adjustment to your direction, or is just a good thing you don’t realize yet. I try to maintain this belief on a daily basis but I won’t tell you that it’s not hard sometimes.

Carol supplies EFT scripts to help you clear out some of your initial reservations to this. Her scripts work well and I recommend you try these for this experiment.

I have not seen much feedback on this in later newsletters, but I don’t know how much participation she got.

In any case, do try this. It’s an attitude that I promote too. I also suggest that you sign up for her newsletters. She has a lot of insight into using EFT for problems and creating abundance.

Carol’s Newsletter 146:

Carol’s Home Page:   http://www.attracting

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