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Questing is a Team Sport

4 December, 2009 (02:51) | Networking | By: Ed Anderson

I belong to a small group of business people that meet once a month and talk about business related issues. Mainly they are business consultants and small businesses owners. The people at this group are all self employed in some capacity. Some are retired and working for themselves. Some have escaped cubicles and are working […]

A little co-working Jelly

19 November, 2009 (08:30) | Networking | By: Ed Anderson

I’ve been discussing co-working lately and I discovered an interesting variation of it. Co-working is strongly connected to a community of like minded souls who like to work together. We’ve been talking about people meeting at a central location with helpful facilities. In other words somewhere to go and get something done. As you would […]

What makes for a successful co-working space?

17 November, 2009 (17:30) | Networking | By: Ed Anderson

Co-working spaces are different from other rental properties. Their attractiveness to new members is not just based on the facilities and amenities. Their completion for members is wider and more varied than you would think. The members could be working at the library, or coffee shop, or even on their kitchen table. There must be […]