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The Bob Proctor Experiment: Beginning

25 April, 2010 (01:41) | Bob Proctor Experiment, Making Changes, Success | By: Ed Anderson

I recently started a project that I’m calling the Bob Proctor Experiment. The reason being that Bob Proctor made several statements in a recent video that started me on this project. Bob has recently started a membership site that he calls ‘Six Minutes to Success’. He put together several videos to explain the site that […]

Thoughts on Success: Will Smith

28 March, 2010 (13:56) | Heros, Success | By: Ed Anderson

Will Smith has had a life of incredible success.  He has pursued a dream that many have but few achieve.  His long string of roles in movies has defined box office success.   In a Hollywood world of craziness and shattered lives Will has maintained a long term marriage and solid family.  He found his […]

It’s Your Choice.

25 January, 2010 (12:46) | Goals, Making Changes, Success | By: Ed Anderson

What are you choosing today? Realize that everyday you make choices on a thousand different things. They may be good choices or bad choices. You may not be making an active choice. If not, you are choosing the default. Is that the right choice? It may not matter to you. But the bigger question is […]