It’s Your Choice.

25 January, 2010 (12:46) | Goals, Making Changes, Success | By: Ed Anderson

Where To?

Where To?

What are you choosing today? Realize that everyday you make choices on a thousand different things. They may be good choices or bad choices. You may not be making an active choice. If not, you are choosing the default. Is that the right choice?

It may not matter to you. But the bigger question is ‘Should it?’. Many choices appear to have no consequences to you or anyone else. The problem with choices is that they add up to defining your life. Years of choosing not to exercise is going to affect your quality of life. Years of choosing to waste your free time is going to affect your wealth. Years of choosing to neglect your kids is going to affect their life. So, choices do matter.

Your choices steer your life. They define your direction. You may not have made the best choices in the past. You could be going in a direction you don’t really want. You don’t have to continue in that direction. You can make better choices starting at any time. Today could be your day.

So take a look at your choices. Make a choice that puts you in a positive direction. It doesn’t have to be hard. Eat an apple rather than a doughnut. Walk to the mail box rather than drive to it. Read something worthwhile rather than watch that reality show. It’s easy to start a new direction. Then tomorrow do the same thing again. Before long these positive choices become habits. Other positive choices become easier to make. You will find yourself on a new direction before you realize it.

Start the process of getting your life where you want it. Examine your choices and figure out where you are going. Then just start the process. Tony Robbins is famous for saying change takes place with a decision to do something different. You can make that decision too. Chose to be better, stronger, and happier.

Quest On…

Where’s that Goal hiding?

7 January, 2010 (14:23) | Goals, Success | By: Ed Anderson

Lost Goals

Lost Goals

You’ve read the books and gotten fired up. You are going to hit those goals hard this year. You write out your top ten list of goals and put them where you can see them daily. But you look at that list and realize that these are the same goals you had last year and the year before that. They look good but they don’t seem any closer to being done this year than the last. Why is this? The reason is that these are not your passions. They are what you think you need to do for some reason you are not really sure of. They seem good but they don’t make you wake up at night with great ideas to meet them. On a deep level they don’t inspire you and they sure don’t fire you up. You need goals that ignite a hunger in your soul and a deep need in your heart.

Now wouldn’t you think that a desire with that kind of passion would be kicking you in the back of the head every day of your life? Well, it might or it might not. Minds can be quirky. Desires get hidden by any number of things. Fears and limiting beliefs can keep you from finding your true passions. Your beliefs can put up walls you never see. The scary thing about that is not that you think of those passions and decide not to pursue them. The scary thing is that you don’t think of them at all. You never get the opportunity to even consider them. Your subconscious just puts them out of your thoughts.

So, you may think of yourself as just having no idea what you really want to do. What’s really happening is that all the great things you could be doing are being hidden from your conscious mind. You secretly believe that you couldn’t be more than you are now and rather than even consider the possibility you just don’t think of other ideas. Your life becomes the same as it always was. What could you do if  you tried? Greatness could be yours.

This is the greatest argument ever for pursuing a life long program of self development. Find those limits and look at them with a critical eye. Could you be the next great artist or athlete? Could you be a famous actor or director? No one knows but you. Work on those limits. See if they are real or just some belief that your fourth grade teacher told you. Where are your dreams leading you? Follow your muse a little. Even hidden passions and talents leave clues. Ask ‘why not’ rather than say ‘no way’. You may not want to go that path and that’s OK too. But you won’t know unless you look. So dream a little and follow that quest.

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Jim Rohn Tribute Video

12 December, 2009 (18:05) | Heros | By: Ed Anderson

I put together a tribute video of some of Jim’s quotes.  Here’s the video.  Enjoy.