Hi I’m Ed Anderson.   I’m a writer for hire, seeker of knowledge, geek, traveler on the quest for wisdom, and hero at large.

I help people with their communication both on the web and on paper.

I know enough tech stuff to help with simple tech problems and can find and work with experts to solve more complex ones.

If you need help with your site, your blog, your sales material, or other documents give me a call.  My rates are reasonable and I give personal  opinions freely.  (I do charge for more complex evaluations)

I’m available for local meetings in Johnson City, Kingsport, both Bristol TN and Bristol VA, and all the smaller Tri-City locations.  If you live there and want a local copywriter, I’m your guy.

If you need to get in touch with me:

Email:  edcandersontn@gmail.com

Email: ed@edcanderson.com

Cell Phone:  423-433-8124 –  leave a message if you miss me.

Snail Mail at:  P.O. Box 269, Johnson City, TN 37605

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Good content makes Web 2.0 work.  I can help.