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Ghost Blogging – Taking the hassles out of maintaining a business blog.

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You’ve seen it in the journals. Your web guy has mentioned it. All the marketing experts say you need it. If you want your website to be looked by anybody more than once you need constantly changing content. You have to give your customers and potential customers a reason to keep coming back to your site. Otherwise they look at it once and it’s forgotten. They won’t go back. They’ve seen it. They know your hours and location.

But how do you keep constantly changing the website? The easiest way is to add a blog to it. You put an article on your blog a few times a week and bam they have a reason to come back. It’s simple. Every week you put together a few choice words and there you go. Another problem is solved. This web business is cake.

But, then you realize one detail. You need a never ending flow of articles. Are you going to write them? Do you have time between running the company, finding the customers, and providing the services and products? You may not. A lot of people don’t have that time to write something every week. But they still keep their blog current. They find a writer to fill in for them. This is a new writing specialty called ghost blogging.

A ghost blogger is someone who writes web posts and deals with the mechanics of keeping a blog current. They write the content. They can post it under your name if you wish. They can also reply to the comments if you want. All for a minor fee. Your website gets repeat traffic and your customers stay informed.

There are quite a few people who do this. However, it’s important to find someone who is easy to work with and understands what the blog’s purpose is. A company blog is the voice of the company. Customers feel that this is the company speaking to them. Because of this it’s important to discuss the blog’s purpose and focus with your writer. When I’m ghost blogging I like to meet with the client and make sure I understand their vision for the blog. You will also want to review the blog posts and be in the loop for any comments left by customers or possible customers. No matter who actually writes the posts it’s your website and you are responsible for it’s content.

Ghost bloggers can be found on sites like crag’s list or the freelancer auction sites. If you currently have a copywriter or marketing consultant, they may be able to recommend someone. In any case, keeping communication with your customers is important in this competitive market. You want your customers listening to you and not your competitors.